Recent Guests: Gus and Anna and fun facts about Brazil

I  took Gus and Anna on a 3 1/2 hour custom private tour of San Francisco. They’re from Brazil (my first Brazilian guests). Anna, by her own admission, loves posting on Facebook, and got out many times to take photos.
Gus, while a native Brazilian, is of Japanese descent. His grandparents wanted to immigrate to the US, but couldn’t afford it. Businesses in Brazil offered to pay travel expenses for Japanese people who wanted to work, so they went to South America instead. Fun fact: Brazil has the biggest Japanese population outside of Japan.

Being able to provide private tours, customized to what guests want and spend time with interesting and fun people like Gus and Anna continue to remind me why I started this business, and how enjoyable it is.

gus and anna 3

Recent Guests

Some more guests I’ve had the pleasure of showing around San Francisco, and the Wine Country…

This is Libby and Jen at the top of Twin Peaks. They came in from Florida to attend a music festival in Sacramento, and wanted to end their visit with a tour of San Francisco.


This is Doug and Ann Fleck. They have traveled all over the world, including safaris in Africa and journeys in South America. I took them on a 2 day tour. 1st day–San Francisco with a drop off in Sausalito. Day 2– I took them on a Sonoma wine country tour, where we visited boutique wineries that big buses can’t go.  They must have had a good time–they surprised me with a bottle of wine after the tour!


These great guests—and all my tour guests–remind me why I have the best job I could ask for. I get to drive around in my MINI Cooper convertible and show off San Francisco with delightful people.


Recent Guests

June has been busy, which means I’ve had the pleasure of showing many guests San Francisco, Sausalito, and the Wine Country. It is a reminder of why I love this business. I get to drive around in a fun car in a beautiful city with interesting people.

IMG_1475 IMG_1476This is Brian and Karen O’Hair. We had a full day that included Ram’s Head winery in Sonoma (a wonderful boutique winery too small for big tour buses) and visiting the statue of Yoda in the PresidiIMG_1478o.

Carolyne, Celeste, and Stephanie were in town on business for a week. Not only did they see the city, I provided them a list of recommendations for restaurants, and the best route to a Napa Valley Balloon Ride, and advice on a drive down the coast to Monterey, complete with suggestions of where to stop to eat. Caroline wrote:”You are the best resource & I really appreciate your help!”
I always let guests know that the service doesn’t stop when the tour is over. They can call or write for advice anytime.

IMG_1498 IMG_1500Linda and Arlene were particularly interested in the architecture of San Francisco. They read the blog post on the Rousseau House, and had to see them. We also went down Marion Alley, one of the 670 staircases that are public streets in San Francisco.

IMG_1503Cameron, Anna, and Kristi–three southern belles from Alabama in front of Postcard Row. I am promised that when I make it to Camellia State, they will show me around with famous Southern hospitality.


As I said at the beginning, on every tour I am reminded why I love this business. I get to drive around in a fun car in a beautiful city with interesting people. I had the pleasure of showing Lyne, Christine, and Erika around the city. They ended the tour in Sausalito, and took a ferry back to San Francisco. They also wanted to know about interesting cocktail bars, so I researched and printed out a list of the top most creative watering holes. Wrote Lyne: “We had a fantastic time.”

First Time in San Francisco

I love showing people San Francisco, especially when it is their first time to the city. I had the pleasure of showing Dave and Cindy around. Being music lovers, they were particularly interested in Amoeba Records in the Haight, and the jazz clubs of the Western Addition.

We took a tour of all the major spots (North Beach, Chinatown, postcard row, Golden Gate Park, etc), and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. (This shows the bridge with some fog. However, the rest of the city was sunny. Typical of San Francisco micro-climates.)

Being their first time to the city, they put a lot into a short stay. A Giants game, the ballet, and a day trip north. And a tour with Small Car Big Time Tours. I’m glad I could be part of their first time to San Francisco.



Dave and Cindy

Recent Guests

IMG_1342 I had a great time showing Andrea and Shannon around San Francisco. Their custom tour included a trip to the Castro, up to the top of Telegraph Hill, down Lombard St, and a stop at Amoeba Records in the Haight. We also drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, and I dropped them off in Sausalito. They took the ferry back to the city, and said the views were beautiful.






suzanne from wales and friends

Previously,  I had the pleasure of showing San Francisco to Suzanne, Julie, and Mel, three women from Wales, 2 of whom had never been to San Francisco. They wanted to drive down Lombard St. and go down a big hill, so I took them down Filbert St, which is the steepest street in the city (both things which cannot be done in a tour bus.) Afterward, they said the tour was everything they hoped it would be. Glad I could be of service!