The story of me, the company, and how I became the only private tour in San Francisco with a convertible MINI Cooper

About Me

Hi, I’m Reed! I’ll have the pleasure of being your personal guide on your custom private tour of San Francisco. I used to work for one of the best, top-rated tour companies in San Francisco. When I got the job, my family and friends said, “That is the PERFECT job for you!” And it was. It combined my two major skill sets: a passionate love of San Francisco and an equally passionate desire to talk about the city. It is my favorite city, and I’ve spent over 25 years devoted to studying, and living in, this amazing place.

About the Company

One thing that frustrated me about my old job is that I couldn’t go everywhere in San Francisco. Even though the vehicles I drove were small by tour bus standards, because they could seat 10 they were classified in the same category as the giant double-deckers. That meant we were restricted from the most beautiful and interesting sights of San Francisco. Like the views from Coit Tower, driving down Lombard Street, and even driving in front of one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco, the Palace of Fine Arts. All off limits. That inspired me to create a unique company that could give private car tours in San Francisco and take in all the delights and special places—without restrictions! I wanted to go anywhere and everywhere.

A Convertible Tour Means Seeing It All

When you’re in an van or SUV, you spend most of your time staring out windows and the city might as well be on television. In a convertible you see things in a new way, and feel like you’re really part of the city, rather than just looking at it. Small Car Big Time Tours is unique because it is the ONLY private, personalized, convertible MINI Cooper tour in San Francisco.

You’re Here. Enjoy Yourself!

Fun was key. I wanted a fun car. And what is more fun than scooting around in a convertible MINI Cooper? It’s the epitome of the California experience. I realize that a tour of San Francisco in a convertible MINI is not going to appeal to everyone. That’s fine. I understand. But it you want something different, something out of the ordinary, a private tour with me will be a unique experience you will remember for years to come. So contact me and let’s talk. No high-pressure sales. Let’s just see if I’m the right tour for you. If not, I’ll say so. I don’t want you to have a bad time in San Francisco, so if I can’t be your guide, I’ll help you find another company to meet your needs.