Treat yourself to a custom, private tour in a convertible MINI Cooper

The BEST way to experience San Francisco, the Wine Country and wherever else YOU want to go! A small, private, custom tour in a convertible MINI Cooper.

You're in a special city, so why take an ordinary tour? Take a tour that is unique as San Francisco: a small private tour in a convertible MINI Cooper, the only MINI Cooper in the country officially registered as commercial limousine.

Whether you’re new to San Francisco or have been here many times, I have suggestions to make your experience the best possible. Please click on the Insider Tips page for information even locals don't know about.

I love San Francisco. It is my favorite city and I’ve spent over 25 years devoted to studying, and living in, this amazing place. And I don't like tours, especially big bus, group tours, or van or SUV tours. When I travel, I can count on one hand the number of tours I've taken, and they've always been small, private, custom tours. I created Small Car Big Time Tours to be the tour I would take if I were visiting San Francisco.

Explore the website for more details about the experience, where I can take you, and other information about San Francisco. Please call 415-529-5404 if you have questions not answered on the website or you want to book a San Francisco Mini Cooper Tour tour right away.

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