Where you can go on your private tour of San Francisco, and what to expect along the way

Imagine driving through San Francisco in a convertible MINI Cooper, looking up and seeing the sky, tall buildings, and fantastic views instead of the inside of a car, looking out the window as if viewing the city on a television screen.

I created Small Car, Big Time Tours so I could take guests anywhere their hearts desire. I also wanted it to be fun.

The “anywhere” part was easy. Any vehicle seating fewer than eight can go anywhere in San Francisco. (Unlike most tour buses, which are restricted from going to the most popular and beautiful spots.) I could have gotten a minivan and gone everywhere, but I didn’t just want any vehicle. I wanted the transportation to be something cool. And fun!

That’s why I chose a convertible MINI Cooper to give private tours. The convertible experience gives you amazing views, views that you don’t get on most tours. An open-top tour bus is no substitute: it crams you in with dozens of other people. Plus, you can’t visit the best sights in San Francisco, because they don’t allow buses.

With me and my convertible MINI Cooper, the tour is custom, private and personal. And the ride is as fun as the tour is enjoyable. (Don’t just take my word for it–see my rave reviews on TripAdvisor.)

Stop anytime. Get out and take pictures at your leisure. You’re never stuck anywhere getting bored, and you’re never hurried when you’re enjoying yourself and want to see more.

It’s YOUR tour!

San Francisco–the Wine Country–Muir Woods–and Beyond

You see it all with me, Reed, a professional, knowledgeable guide who is committed to you having the best experience possible. There’s nothing like driving through the countryside in a convertible, especially a convertible MINI Cooper. You feel like you’re part of the scenery, rather than just looking at it.

I love going to the wine country, especially to the smaller, off-the-beaten-path wineries.

When you contact me, I’ll ask about your interests and what you’d like to see, make suggestions, and get to know you a bit.

Then I’ll put together a private tour, customized and designed just for you. Call now, and let’s see what I can do for you.