Got a question? It may be answered here. If not, give me a call!

Can you pick us up anywhere?

Anywhere in San Francisco, you bet! Anywhere nearby—probably. Contact me and we’ll talk.

Can we stop for lunch, dinner, drinks, photos, etc.?

Of course! That’s the point! You can stop as much as you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want.

How much?

$85 per hour. NOT per person! One, two or three guests ride at the same price. 2-hour minimum.

We’re having fun! Can we extend the tour beyond the original booking time?

Absolutely. If I don’t have another tour, commitment, or other conflict, I’ll extend the tour as long as you want and I am able.

Can you recommend restaurants, bars, etc.?

I’m a San Franciscan. Food, restaurants and bars are our favorite topic of conversation. I recommend places that I, as a local, hang out at and enjoy. I don’t get kickbacks, special treatment, or any other perks. I recommend places that I like, have discovered as a local, and in most cases are off the tourist radar.

If I direct you to eat or drink somewhere, it’s because I hope you’ll have a great experience like I do. Not because I’ll get a bump. Taking a perk would screw up my cred.

Can we tip you? Do you accept tips?

If you have a great experience and think my service and warrants a tip, rock on! But I’m not going to mention it. Tips are welcome and appreciated, but never solicited.