Nduja—Spicy Spreadable Salami. You want this.

Nduja (“en-doo-ya”) is spreadable salami, and perfectly spiced. If you have never had it, Ndujaand probably haven’t, you should. You can pick it up (and other porky treats) at Boccalone in the Ferry Building. (The Ferry Building is at the foot of Market St. on the Embarcadero.)  In a city known for food, Nduja is a standout. When I serve it as an appetizer at dinner parties, it’s always a hit and there are never any leftovers. Get some with a loaf of sourdough bread or crackers, and treat yourself. Buy some to take back home. As a matter of fact, buy two: one to share, and one all for yourself.

Recent Guests

IMG_1342 I had a great time showing Andrea and Shannon around San Francisco. Their custom tour included a trip to the Castro, up to the top of Telegraph Hill, down Lombard St, and a stop at Amoeba Records in the Haight. We also drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, and I dropped them off in Sausalito. They took the ferry back to the city, and said the views were beautiful.






suzanne from wales and friends

Previously,  I had the pleasure of showing San Francisco to Suzanne, Julie, and Mel, three women from Wales, 2 of whom had never been to San Francisco. They wanted to drive down Lombard St. and go down a big hill, so I took them down Filbert St, which is the steepest street in the city (both things which cannot be done in a tour bus.) Afterward, they said the tour was everything they hoped it would be. Glad I could be of service!